Minutes from September 21, 2015, meeting, Knollwood Fire Dept, 7:00 PM



President – vacant

Vice President – vacant

Secretary – Jill Rosa

Treasurer – vacant

Members Present:

Janice Schnobrich

Jill Rosa

Cathy Spencer

Pete Manning

Neil Dahlmann

Don Russ

Maggie Chlystek

Christian Erzinger

Robin Huszagh

Suzanne Huszagh

Excused Absences:

David Hardy

Bill Hermann

Sheana Hermann

Samina Waggoner

Mary Ellen Hughes

Bill Clifford


Unexcused Absences:

Michelle Hastings

Dan Rogers

Jeanne Olson

Nonmembers Present:

Basil Lewis



Call to Order – 7:00 p.m.

Roll call – Sign up sheet.  Members were asked to sign in on the sheet distributed to the group.



Minutes from the May 2015 meeting were approved.



A discussion was held on purchasing some signs and/or cards to place around town to encourage people to join the caucus.  Motion approved to fund up to $160 to purchase such items. 


A discussion was held on proposing changes to the bylaws to promote greater attendance and/or meeting of quorum.  Three suggestions will be made for the October meeting:  (1) limiting the number of excused absences allowed; (2) changing the definition of “quorum” from a majority to 1/3 of membership; (3) making member openings one per every 300 voters as opposed to one per every 200 voters, which would result in a 19-member caucus.  Suggestions were also made to follow through with persons who rarely attend meetings to determine if such persons wish to remain members, as it is difficult to make quorum and attend to caucus business with many absences.


Jan reported on the availability of meeting at the local schools, and will follow up to make sure we can use those meeting rooms free of charge.  Jill reported on Sally Davis filling the open slot on the District 115 board, and her conversation with the LF Caucus President, who informed her that the LF caucus does not get involved in filling vacancies the way the LB Caucus does.    


Nominations were taken from the floor to fill open officer positions.  Don Russ was nominated and elected to fill both President and Secretary.  Bill Hermann was nominated and elected to fill both Treasurer and Vice-President.


Time and Date of Next Meetings – October 19, 2015, 7:00 pm


Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.