Minutes from September 8, 2014, meeting, Knollwood Fire Dept, 7:00 PM



President – David Forlow (absent)

Vice President – Deb Dintruff

Secretary – Jill Rosa

Treasurer – Lynette Foss (absent)


Members Present:

Don Russ

Janice Wolter

Jennifer Gleason

Janice Schnobrich

Jill Rosa

Cathy Spencer

Robin Huszagh

Deb Dintruff

Neil Dahlmann

Jeanne Olson

Pete Manning

Bill Hermann

Joy Markee

Maggie Chlystek

Mary Ellen Hughes

Excused Absences:

Dan Rogers

Andrew Rosa

Christian Erzinger

Heather Kerr

Bill Clifford

Sheana Hermann

David Hardy

Lynette Foss

David Forlow

Samina Waggoner

Michelle Hastings


Unexcused Absences:




Call to Order – 7:01 p.m.

Roll call – Sign up sheet.  Members were asked to sign in on the sheet distributed to the group.

Approval of Agenda:  approved with no changes.

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:  approved with no changes.



Introduction of New Members – Mary Ellen Hughes


President’s comments.  President David Forlow was absent.  In his absence, Deb Dintruff reported that there is a vacancy on the District 115 board due to Todd Burgener’s resignation.  We may be asked to assist in interviewing candidates for that vacancy again.


Treasurer’s Report.  None. 


LB 65 and LF 115 School Board Meetings.  Meeting summaries previously distributed via email. Discussion was held on comments made at recent LFHS board meeting about college expenses.


Old Business:  None.


New Business: 


We set October 31 as the deadline for upcoming applications.  Interviews will be Nov. 3 and Nov. 4.  Neil will make the ballots.  Joy will issue a press release to various new outlets.  Joy and Deb will also look into making postcards and yard signs to advertise for candidates.  Jill will forward to all the questions used in the last interviews to consider changes we should make for the next interviews.  It was also discussed that the election date in the spring is April 7.  Neil will look into what we need to do to file the papers.


Time and Date of Next Meetings – 7:00 p.m., Knollwood Fire Station

Nov 3


Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.




Correction:  Neil will look into dates for filing; Jan will look into what we need to do to file papers.