Minutes from April 7, 2014, meeting, Knollwood Fire Dept, 7:00 PM



President – David Forlow

Vice President – Deb Dintruff

Secretary – Jill Rosa

Treasurer – Lynette Foss


Members Present:

David Forlow

Dietmar Wagenknecht

Don Russ

Janice Wolter

Jennifer Gleason

Janice Schnobrich

Jill Rosa

Cathy Spencer

Sheana Hermann

Bill Clifford

Robin Huszagh

Deb Dintruff

Neil Dahlmann

Joy Markee

Jeanne Olson

Pete Manning

Maggie Chlystek

Heather Kerr

Lynette Foss

Excused Absences:

Dan Rogers

Michelle Hastings

Andrew Rosa

Christian Erzinger

David Hardy

William Hermann

Unexcused Absences:

Samina Waggoner

Kim Burke

Tanya Sharman



Call to Order – 7:03 p.m.

Roll call – Sign up sheet.  Members were asked to sign in on the sheet distributed to the group.

Approval of Agenda.  Approved with no changes.



Approval of Minutes from last meeting.  A motion was made by Don Russ to amend the minutes of the February meeting to reflect the following:  “The minutes should include Jennifer Gleason’s comments about the resistance made by the LFEA to Principal Rodger’s New School Day initiative.”  Motion approved.  Motion made to amend Jeanne Olson from “unexcused” to “excused” at last meeting.  Motion approved.  Minutes approved with amendments.



Introduction of New Members  - Heather Kerr


President’s comments.  David Forlow reported that he and Deb Dintruff met with representatives from the LF Caucus recently.  The LF Caucus is interested in working with us to promote joint interests.  We are also interested in coordinating with them.  Deb noted the differences between the LF Caucus, which is a political body that covers all LF Boards, and the LB School Caucus.  David reported on a longstanding gentlemen’s agreement with the LF Caucus for LF to slate 5 candidates and LB to slate 2 candidate for the District 115 board.  Neil Dahlmann commented that the LF Caucus used to leave openings for LB to slate 2 candidates and Knollwood to slate 1, but now it is just the 2 positions. 


Treasurers Report.  Lynette Foss reported that the current balance in the bank account has not changed since the last Caucus meeting and is at $764.78.


LB 65 and LF 115 School Board Meetings.

Deb Dintruff reported on the 2/25/14 District 65 meeting.  Notes previously forwarded to caucus members via email.


Jennifer Gleason reported on the 3/18/14 District 65 meeting, including reports about a new school song and science projects.  This is the last year of ISATs as we move into common core testing, the PARCC test.  Drew Irvin from the Village attended this meeting and made a presentation on the Village branding initiative, requesting that other village entities use the same logo.  The school board passed a budget amendment due to transferring of bonds and there will be a future hearing on the budget. 


Don Russ reported on the 2/11/14 District 115 meeting.  Notes previously forwarded to caucus members via email.  Don requested that caucus members pay attention to the recent block scheduling issue noted in his meeting summary, as the teachers’ union negotiation tactics will be an important issue in selecting a candidate for the open District 115 slot. 


For attending future school board meetings, a list with available dates was distributed.  Please attend any of the open meetings if you can.


Old Business:  None.


New Business: 

Caucus Website.  The website is available at  Lynette Foss thanked the website committee for all their hard work and the time put into this project.  They met their goals, including making the website sustainable on our small budget and all-volunteer staff.  The website is simple, easy to understand, factual, and transparent.  The website can be read on a tablet or smartphone.  Lynette encouraged all caucus members to take a look at it.  Don Russ will serve as the webmaster. 


Candidate selection process/timeline.  David Forlow reviewed the candidate selection process and timeline.  The caucus held a discussion of ways in which to advertise and encourage community members to apply, including flyers with the parade book, postings in shops and store windows, articles on Gazebo News/Patch, signs at Park District/Library/Train Station, personal solicitations to friends/neighbors, etc.  Joy will find out the cost of printing postcard-sized notices.  Specific advertising assignments will be made at the June meeting.



Time and Date of Next Meetings – 7:00 p.m., Knollwood Fire Station

June 2

Sept 8

Nov 3


Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:42.