Minutes from 2/10/2014 Meeting – Knollwood Fire Department



President – David Forlow

Vice President – Deb Dintruff

Secretary – Mollie Mercado

Treasurer – Lynette Foss


Members Present:

David Forlow

Dietmar Wagenknecht

Don Russ

Mollie Mercado

Janice Wolter

Jennifer Gleason

David Hardy

Janice Schnobrich

Jill Rosa

Cathy Spencer

Michelle Hastings

Bill Clifford

Deb Dintruff

Pete Manning

Maggie Chlystek


Excused Absences:

Dan Rogers, Lynette Foss, Heather Kerr, Samina Waggoner, Joy Markee, Andrew Rosa, Kim Burke, Christian Erzinger, Neil Dahlmann, Tanya Sharman, Robin Huszagh, William Hermann, Sheana Hermann, Jeanne Olson


Unexcused Absences:





Call to Order – at 7:03 p.m.


Roll call – Sign up sheet – Members were asked to sign in on the sheet distributed to the group.


Welcome to our new Caucus members, Pete Manning and Maggie Chlystek, who were asked to introduce themselves.


Approval of Agenda – Approved with no changes.




Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2013 – No changes were noted and minutes approved as submitted to group.




President’s comments – No comments this meeting.


Treasurers Report – David Forlow gave the Treasurers Report in Lynette Foss’s absence. The current balance in the bank account has not changed since the last Caucus meeting and is $764.78.



LB 65 and LF 115 School Board Meetings

David Forlow thanked the Caucus members who have been attending and reporting from the School Board Meetings. Mollie Mercado read a report from Christian Erzinger who attended the January Lake Bluff school board meeting. There are a few openings available for the rest of the school year. A list with available dates will be distributed with the minutes. Please attend any of the open meetings if you can.


Jill Rosa noted that the LFHS board meeting on February 11 will include discussion on important topics and encouraged Caucus members to attend to hear the discussion.


Amendment approved at 4/7/14 meeting:  The minutes should include Jennifer Gleason’s comments about the resistance made by the LFEA to Principal Rodger’s New School Day Initiative. 


Mollie Mercado reported from a parent meeting that she attended at the high school in January that the high school is considering changing the school schedule to a block schedule starting with the 2014-2015 school year. And also, the high school is looking at starting the school year earlier in August to accommodate 1st semester exams prior to the winter holiday.

A post meeting note from Mollie – information on the “New School Day Initiative” block scheduling options are available on the LFHS website at:


New Business


Caucus WebsiteWe are establishing a committee to work on revamping the Caucus website. Volunteers so far are Don Russ, Cathy Spencer, Neil Dahlman and David Hardy. There is room for a few more people on the committee. If you are interested, please contact David Forlow.


A thank you card for Nicki Snoblin was passed around for signatures to thank her for her work with the Caucus website for many years. Mollie Mercado will mail the card to her.


Candidate Selection Process and Timeline – There was a brief discussion of the general process for selection of candidates and the timeline based on the documents from the last Caucus-candidate election. Caucus members are encouraged to start spreading the word that we are seeking candidates for the Spring 2015 election. There will be 3 open positions with the Lake Bluff District 65 and 1 open position with the Lake Forest High School District 115. This will be discussed in more detail at the next Caucus meeting.


Caucus membership – Mollie Mercado reported that Kim Burke (Area 4-Precinct 240) and Tanya Sharman (Area 5-Precinct 238) have expressed interest to step down from the Caucus. There are also current openings in Area 3-Precinct 237 and Area 5-Precinct 238 that need to be filled. There are no residents on the waiting list at the moment to fill these positions. Caucus members are encouraged to seek new members for the Caucus.


Change in Caucus Secretary - David Forlow announced that Mollie Mercado is resigning from the Caucus effective immediately. Jill Rosa will replace Mollie as Secretary until the next Caucus officer election.




Time and Date of Next Meeting – To be announced.


Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.