Lake Bluff School Caucus Minutes 4/15/2013 -Knollwood Fire Station




Kathy Blahunka


Sheila Nelson


Ann Trandai


Members present:

Mollie Mercado                                 Bill Hermann

Ann Trandai                                      Janice Wolter

Dietmar Wagenknecht                      Barbara Allen

Don Russ                                            Andy Schumacher

Lynette Foss                                      Christian Erzinger

Jennifer Gleason                                Lauren Jacobs

David Hardy                                      Wayne Spath

Marie Josephitis                                Sheana Hermann

Joy Markee                                         Tanya Sherman

Kathy Blahunka                                 Cathy Spencer

Jill Rosa                                              Neil Dahlman                                    

David Forlow                                     Sheila Nelson

Deb Dintruff                                      Robin Huszagh         


I.  Call to Order- at 7:15 pm –Introductions made.


II.  Roll Call-Sign Up sheet- Members contact information sheet was passed.  Each member was asked to add if they have children attending either the elementary or the high school district. It was suggested that members also add how long they have been on the caucus and that the form be amended next time to reflect this.


III. Minutes from last meeting were not approved.  Several suggestions were made to change the format of the minutes to include:  Lake Bluff School Caucus, list of officers, place meeting was held, and a listing of attendees.  Sheila N. will amend January 8 minutes to reflect these changes and send them again.


IV.  Financial Report- Treasurer Ann Trandei reported we have $271.31 in our account currently.  The Publicity committee returned unused funds of $498.47, which indicates a new balance of  $764.78.


V. Committee Reports

a.       Publicity Committee- Deb. D. expressed thanks to all for their hard work in promoting candidates.

b.      By Laws Committee- Lauren Jacobs distributed the Bylaws draft and Comments from Caucus members. The committee attempted to streamline the bylaws and align them with current practices. She reported that there is still work to be done. Please email Lauren Jacobs if you are interested in helping edit and draft a final document.  Several issues were raised including revamping the whole Lake Bluff School Board nomination process so that it is similar to the Village process.   The group agreed that the Bylaws should be completed as soon as possible so we have a working document and tabled further discussion on major changes until New Business.

c.       Nomination Committee- Dietmar W. reported on the committee’s process and call for nominations and expressed thanks to all who participated.  Motion: To approve the new officers slated by the nominating committee.  Resolved:  Motion carried.


New officers are:

President:  David Forlow

Vice President: Deb Dintruff

Secretary:  Mollie Mercado

        Treasurer:  Lynette Foss


VI. Old Business –none


VII.   New business-

a.   Robert’s Rules Of Order discussion.  The group seemed to think we should continue using this practice

b.   Some substantive changes were discussed about the bylaws- including Code of Conduct for Delegates/Officers and Voting procedures.  A discussion about the relevance and need for this language to be included/excluded took place.  The group seemed to feel the current voting procedures spelled out in the Bylaws worked well as long as they were followed and we continue to use a clear ballot.  A suggestion was made to a sample ballot to the Bylaws. The group was asked to send all comments regarding the Bylaws to Lauren Jacobs.  Lauren will be sending an email soliciting input with a deadline

c.       Soliciting Caucus Delegates: Some suggestions were made for reaching out and filling underrepresented areas including posting a sign at Rt. 176/Rt. 43, a new letter from the Publicity committee to Gazebo News and the Patch, caucus members soliciting from the Knollwood Neighbors Association, and the Garden Club, and a mailer to targeted voters in both unincorporated areas and non Shields township areas.

d.  Ad Hoc Committee- a written request was made to form an Ad hoc Committee to Evaluate the Caucus Process.  April 15, 2013


Consideration:  To consider running Lake Bluff School Board nomination process similar to the Village Board process.


Rationale for Re-evaluation:

·         The topic has been approached in past and again by recent new members

·         In the late summer we lost ability to use the Lake Bluff Safety Building

·         Technically the Caucus is a political organization

·         Recent laws prevent political organizations from meeting in public buildings

·         Most facilities in the area require fees for meeting space

·         There is a need for larger space due to more recent increased public interests

·         Fund raising efforts, have not brought in money needed for meeting space

·         Expanding the ability for anyone in the community to participate in candidate nomination process would allow:

o   Increased public participation

o   Eliminate perceptions of unfair process or political motivation

o   Prevent potential polarization of individuals not selected


Please contact David Forlow if interested in being part of a committee to consider this request.


e.  Discussion about future meeting locations- We can use the Knollwood Fire station quarterly and the contact person is Eric Globerger. A suggestion was made to contact the Shields Township as a possible location.

f.  Wait List for caucus delegates. -  A suggestion was made to have the wait list published (perhaps on the website) and to include dates when individuals have requested to join in an effort to be more transparent.  The secretary is currently the “keeper” of the list.  However, the by laws state that interested members should first contact their Area Leader. Nicki Snoblin is our current web master, but is not a member of the caucus.  A suggestion was made that a caucus member take on management of the webpage so that changes can be made more frequently and these suggestions can be incorporated.

                  g.  Time and date of next meeting was not established. 


VI.  Adjourned at 8:55pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila Nelson