Lake Bluff  School Caucus Minutes 1/8/2013-  Lake Bluff Library (Spruth Room )





Kathy Blahunka


Sheila Nelson


Ann Trandai


Members present:


Mollie Mercado

Ann Trandai

Dietmar Wagenknecht

Don Russ

Lynette Foss

Jennifer Gleason

David Hardy

Marie Josephitis

Joy Markee

Kathy Blahunka

Jill Rosa

Cathy Spencer

Christian Erzinger

Neil Dahlman

Robin Huszagh

David Forlow

Andy Schumacher

Deb Dintruff

Sheila Nelson

Christain Erzinger


I.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm –Welcome to new members and guests.


II.  No old minutes to be approved.  Interviews/endorsements took place at the last meeting.


III.  Treasurer Report – Ann Trandei.  Currently we have $1,246.31 in our account at Northern Trust in LF.


IV. Old Business –

            a. Bylaw Committee-Lauren Jacobs (Chair), Joy Markee, Jill Rosa, and Lynette Foss.  Lynette/Jill gave an update. The committee has met to update and streamline the caucus bylaws and align them with current practice. In spring after the school board election, we will finalize the amendments. Some flagged areas will be discussed at our April meeting. We would like to have these amendments finished before replacement of our officers. Lauren Jacobs has the proposed edits to the bylaws and will them send to the group for additional suggestions.  The old bylaws are currently posted on our webpage@

            b. Publicity Committee-send Deb Dintruff an email if interested assisting the group with promoting our recommended slate for the school board. The Publicity Committee members are Deb D., Neil D., and David F. Please contact if interested in putting up a yard sign, writing a letter to an editor, canvassing, responding to electronic posts, etc.


V.   New business-

            a. Nomination Committee for new officers- Dietmar Wagenknecht is chairing this committee.  He will send an email asking for volunteers. We need to replace the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Kathy B. will send us updated membership list.

            b. Next meeting dates:  Monday April 15, & Monday October 21

            c. We will post upcoming meeting dates on our Facebook page (Joy) and have a statement on our webpage referencing he FB page for dates of upcoming meetings.

            d. Current openings for caucus members: Area 1 (1 position), Area 2 (4 positions), Area 4 has (6 positions), Area 5 (1 position).  Potential openings in Areas 1, 3, & 6 if new members want to join.


VI.  Adjourned at 7:45



Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila Nelson